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Jesus - I totally saw that - Vinyl sticker.

Jesus - I totally saw that - Vinyl sticker.

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Discover the divine sense of humor with our hilarious "Jesus - I Totally Saw That!" vinyl sticker! If you're a believer in both laughter and free shipping within the US, then this sticker is the perfect addition to your collection. Embrace the wit of the divine and add a touch of humor to your life with this eye-catching vinyl sticker featuring none other than Jesus Himself!

Picture this - a moment of divine hilarity frozen in time on a vibrant vinyl sticker. Our "Jesus - I Totally Saw That!" design captures that whimsical instant when even Jesus couldn't help but crack a heavenly smile. This unique sticker showcases a playful side of the Messiah, reminding us that even the Son of God appreciates a good laugh.

Free Shipping Within the US: We believe spreading laughter should be hassle-free, so enjoy our complimentary shipping service anywhere within the US.

• UV-resistant.
• Waterproof (can withstand being outdoors for 5-8 years (maybe longer if you sing to it every day))
• Vinyl application tool included.

• Do NOT wash for at least 24 hours AFTER applying.
• A tracking number is always sent with every order.
• Applies to the outside of your glass window, door, or surface.
• Ideal surface temperature for your decal application is between 50° to 90° Fahrenheit.
• Decals do NOT stick to fabric, rubber, or silicone.

Not recommended for painted surfaces. Decal will be sent on transfer paper. Easy to use.

Show off your sense of humor and religious spirit by displaying this sticker on your car, laptop, water bottle, notebook, or any other surface that needs a touch of divine comedy. It also makes for an ideal gift for friends and family who appreciate a good chuckle and have a lighthearted approach to their faith.

Add a touch of divine hilarity to your life with our "Jesus - I Totally Saw That!" vinyl sticker. With its premium quality, captivating design, and free shipping within the US, this sticker is the perfect way to express your faith and sense of humor simultaneously. Embrace the laughter and order your sticker today! Remember, even Jesus approves of a good laugh!



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Care Instructions

Do NOT wash for at least 24 hours AFTER applying.

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